Our range of designer chairs and stools will create the perfect atmosphere in the interior of your home or business. Choose from the “vis a vis” design dinning chair to complement straight plank dinning tables, the classic director’s chair designed for indoor and outdoor use with its bataline seat, the collection of customizable stools in a modern mid century style, and the organically shaped stools in recycled teak and epoxy resin. 




More than ever, bar stools/ counters bring an elegant and practical touch to any interior design. They are perfect for large living spaces and small apartments. For dinning rooms, living rooms, gardens, restaurants or bars, they will surely adapt to your environment.

Inspired by the middle of the century and current trends. Our range of modern and elegant bar stools/ countertops is handcrafted from root wood characterised by beautiful grain and veining. And combined with industrial iron which is bent, welded, polished and powder coated to stand the test of time. Ed and Coco’s bars/ counter stools have several custom design options. Round square or rectangular seating in teak root, rosewood or suar, all customisable with designer legs in the colour you desire.





Discover our wooden and resin stools with various patterns, shapes and colours. Handmade from recycled teak and filled with epoxy resin, they are designed by carpenters with artistic sense. The addition of crushed glass inside the resin of some stools gives wonderful faceted crystalline shapes. These works of art can be used as a pedestal, stool, coffee table, side table or simply as a decorative object. The wood stays alive and is preserved over time thanks to the epoxy resin. Each of them will be unique by its shape and the amount of resin it contains, offering special works of art.