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Our range of industrial chic furniture is inspired by the industrial factory of yesteryear and the trendy furniture styles of today. Simple and clean designs, obvious imperfections, unfinished metals and wood, aged finishes and factory inspired pieces are what define the industrial chic design ambiance. From cabinets, sideboards, bookcases, showcases to Tv stand, coffee tables and dining tables, take a look at our variety of trendy products design.




Our range of designer chairs and stools will create the perfect atmosphere in the interior of your home or business. Choose from the “vis a vis” design dinning chair to complement straight plank dinning tables, the classic director’s chair designed for indoor and outdoor use with its bataline seat, the collection of customisable stools in a modern mid century style.



ED and Coco's PREMIER Collection is inspired by our fascination for Native American Wall Art Designs. Their art represents geometrical shapes with a sense of nature. Entirely made of teak from sustainable managed forests and kiln-dried beforehand, our cabinets are manufactured by an experienced carpenter. Using quality wood, the furniture is manufactured with passion and durability concerns. Our design is distinguished by the contrast of wood hues, colours and with the integration of a marquetry creation on certain draws. 

Functional with carefully studied elements, such as size, finish and numbers of draws. Perfect for bedrooms and living rooms, acts as a functional work of art in your home.

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