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Outdoor Bench - Carpenter X Legs - Patio & Garden

Discover the trendy bench with its three crossed Carpenter X legs and central bar, designed to last and fit in with your garden and terrace. Perfect for use in small relaxation areas in your garden or around your dining table.


Teak, a tropical hardwood rich in natural oils, has long been one of the best choices for furniture design, especially outdoor furniture. Often salvaged from demolished buildings, old utility poles, bridges, docks, and boats. Reclaimed teak, which is sometimes decades old and matured by time and previous uses, makes it even more robust and resistant.


A more environmentally friendly wood, it also has the attribute of being a beautiful wood with character residing in its variations in knots, splits, warping, nail holes, and splits that occur naturally over time. Once the woods have been recovered. Our craftsmen give them new life by first removing the nails, old varnish, and dirt that have become encrusted over time. Next, the weathered surfaces are sanded down, and pieces of wood are inserted into the cracks and holes left by previously installed screws, nails, and fittings.


Brushed, then finely sanded for a pleasant touch, and protected. The different textures and small imperfections make it a beautiful piece for your home. Each piece is therefore unique in appearance and may differ from the image shown. Also available for indoor use.


For availability, selling price, wholesale, and custom design requests, please contact us by e-mail or by phone.

Outdoor Bench - Carpenter X Legs - Patio & Garden

  • Bench 200cm x 40cm x 45cm  / 78’’ x 16’’ x 18’’  (WxDxH)

    Board thickness: 3cm / 1.2’’

    Also available in 

    180cm  /  71’’  (W) 

    220cm  /  86.6’’  (W) 

    250cm  /  98.5’’  (W) 

    300cm  /  118.1’’  (W)

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