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Our range of industrial chic furniture is inspired by the industrial factory of yesteryear and the trendy furniture styles of today. Simple and clean designs, obvious imperfections, unfinished metals and wood, aged finishes and factory inspired pieces are what define the industrial chic design ambiance. From cabinets, sideboards, bookcases, showcases to Tv stand, coffee tables and dining tables, take a look at our variety of trendy products design.


We only use the good stuff!! We focus on sourcing quality recycled teak from demolished old building structures that have varied in age for decades. The beauty of reclaimed wood lies in its variations with knots, cracks, warping, nail holes and cracks of natural origin. None of these affect the structural stability of the furniture. No piece of wood is identical to another, which makes each piece of handcrafted furniture unique.


Each piece of wood is fastened by tongues and joints between them. Combined with iron structures, they are carefully welded to obtain a clean and smooth assembly and finished with polyurethane (PU) lacquer or Powder Coating.


We complete the design of the cupboards, consoles and shelves with brass handles for a more vintage look and plastic plugs for floor safety.

(handles can be interchangeable according to your taste.)


For our table tops, we propose:

- Frame, Mosaic type

- Frame, Straight type

- Full Straight type

- Heavy Board type

Available in  400cm / 157.5’’  -  300cm / 118’’  -  250cm  /  98.5’’  -  220cm  /  86.6’’ -  200cm  /  78.7’’  -  180cm  /  71’’  (W)


Option finishing style

Rustic or smooth wood finish

Iron with rustic paint effect or powder coating

For more information on availability, selling prices and wholesale, please contact us by email or phone.

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