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Founded in 2017, Ed and Coco were imagined by three passionate and creative people who fell in love several years ago with the Indonesian people, their cultures, and their unique craftsmanship. Sukerni, logistics manager. Edward, specializing in product and interior design. Eric, a former lumberjack who worked in the furniture industry for 23 years, specializing in production. Based in Bali and Central Java, as an Indonesian furniture manufacturing company. We design and create indoor/outdoor furniture and accessories.


Specialized in export and wholesale trade. Especially in France, New Zealand, and Korea. We also invest our time in retail for individuals, hoteliers, and private villas, accompanying our customers through their custom furniture and decorative projects. 

Being located in one of the largest furniture manufacturing regions in Indonesia also allows us to source all kinds of desired furniture, accessories and trendy decorations.


Wood lovers. Ed and Coco's team is a united group made up of several types of trades such as draftsman, carpenters, finisher, and quality control. All are dedicated to the Ed and Coco spirit. Each furniture project is designed and built with passion and attention to detail, quality, and durability over time.


Depending on the materials used to create designs. We work with small producers and cottage industries. We integrate the values of partnership, equality, fair price and healthy environment into our way of working.





We are all aware that we must create more ecologically and therefore limit the impact of our lives on the planet. Our goal is to move closer and closer to an eco-friendly manufacturing process. Our products are hand-made from Kiln-dried Indonesian-certified plantation teak and recycled teak and finished with non-toxic varnishes. 

Using mainly natural materials such as wood, rattan, and organic rope. Each piece of furniture and accessory will be unique in its variations of color, grain, texture, and form. 



Availability, sale price, wholesale and custom design, please contact us by email or phone. :)



Things You Want To Know About

Reclaimed and recycled teak


Teak, a tropical hardwood rich in natural oils, has long been one of the best choices for furniture design, especially outdoor furniture.


FSC-certified recycled teak wood is one of the best green options for creating products from sustainable, low-impact materials. 

As no trees were cut down to produce it, recycling the wood prevents deforestation and reduces our carbon footprint on the planet.

In addition, it reduces the amount of waste going to landfill.


Often salvaged from demolished buildings, old utility poles, bridges, docks and boats. Reclaimed teak that is sometimes decades old and matured by time and previous uses, makes it even more robust and resistant.


A more environmentally friendly wood, it also has the attribute of being a beautiful wood with character residing in its variations in knots, splits, warping, nail holes and splits that occur naturally over time. Once the boards are recovered. Our craftsmen give them new life by first removing the nails, old varnish and dirt that have become encrusted over time.


Next, the weathered surfaces are sanded down and pieces of wood are inserted into the cracks and holes left by previously installed screws, nails and fittings.

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