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The craze for furniture with living edges is growing. The idea of adding resin to organic designs is pushing this trend to create something more surprising and chic. And the reason is clear: the magnificent variations in colour, style, opacity and application offer interior designers, restaurants and homeowners endless possibilities for redesigning their spaces. Resin offers possibilities for artistic and artisanal transformation that can't be compared to any other raw material. The combination of resin and wood is conceivable in many ways. By sealing the surfaces of large or small pieces of wood with resin, a mold is formed in interaction with the wood elements, resulting in an aesthetic and conceptual repair of damaged wood surfaces.


Discover our selection of sophisticated furniture and accessories such as bowls, pedestals, stools or tables made of live edge wood and resin with fantastique organic shapes and patterns. 


Several coats of resin are applied, bringing out the natural grain, colour and beauty of the wood. This enhances each desired resin colour and helps to protect and preserve the wood.



There are many options to customise the resin, such as the choice of colours, the intensity of colours and textures. To make the object more fun, you can add all kinds of materials, such as stones, shells, crushed glasses, coffee beans or even candy! :)

This is a high-end product that requires quality and artistic know-how, that's why we always use for this work our best collaborators who have mastered the art of resin design.


The Art of making imperfections beautiful...

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