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Yellow Crystal Clear Resin / Live Edge Teak - Bowl

Our eye-catching bowls are sized to be used and made to be seen. Offering a beautiful and functional work of art. Designed by carpenters with an artistic sense. 


These bowls are handmade from live edge teak and filled with crystal clear yellow resin. Some of the models have crushed glass on the inside to create a modern mixing effect. Each of them will be unique in shape, the grain of the wood and the amount of resin it contains.The bowls shown in these photos already have happy owners, but the craftsman can create a similar one for you.



Sizes available:

Approx 25cm x 7cm  /  9.8’’ x 2.8’’  (DxH)

Approx 30cm x 10cm  /  11.8’’ x 3.9’’’  (DxH)

Approx 35cm x 10cm  /  13.8’’ x 3.9’’  (DxH)

- Live edge teak

- Crystal clear yellow resin with transparent recycled crushed glass

- Handmade

Yellow Crystal Clear Resin / Live Edge Teak - Bowl

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