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Recycled Teak - Cutting/Serving Breadboard

Handmade in Indonesia, rustic but nevertheless very modern and trendy. Our recycled teak wood cutting/serving breadboards are full of character thanks to all the imperfections that occur on the wood over time. Knots, cracks, deformations and nail holes give them charm and character.


For the finish, the wood is brushed to give it that look. Then it is finely sanded for a pleasant touch. And finally, we protect them with a food-grade finish. 


The board features a large handle for stable transport of drinks, appetizers and snacks during service and a hanging hole, adding even more practical and elegance to the design. Each cutting board will be unique due to its handcrafted design and materials used.


We only use the good stuff!! We focus on sourcing quality recycled teak from demolished old building structures that have varied in age for decades. The beauty of reclaimed wood lies in its variety with knots, cracks, warping, nail holes and cracks of natural origin. None of these affect the structural stability of the furniture. No piece of wood is identical to another, which makes each design unique.


Availability, selling price, wholesale and custom designs request, please contact us by e-mail or by phone

Recycled Teak - Cutting/Serving Breadboard

  • Approx.  50cm x 18cm x 1.8cm  /  19.7’’ x 7’’ x 0.7’’  (WxDxH)

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